Planet Soccer Football Club

Thursdays 3.05pm- 4.05pm

This club is open to year 1 and 2 only and both boys and girls. The Coaching program will include:

Balance & Control Dribbling


Running with the ball

World cup matches


Goal Keeping


Shooting Matches

Fun Fran├žais

Fun Français offers interactive and fun French lessons. The teacher is French, friendly, experienced and CRB checked. The lessons are taught in French for the duration of the class and include games, stories and songs. Students quickly learn basic vocabulary and conversation skills.

The lunch time club will run on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The cost is £44 for eleven weeks.

Year R French Tuesday 3.15-3.45

Year 1 French Wednesday 12-12.30

Year 2 French Thursday 12.15-12:45

Contact Information:

Anne Cockburn
01252 624 753

Spanish Club

Fun Francais also offers Spanish lessons in our school. They offer interactive and fun language lessons. The teaching staff speaks fluent Spanish, is friendly, experienced and CRB checked. The lessons are taught in Spanish for the duration of the class and include games, stories and songs. Students learn basic vocabulary and conversation skills. Year R Thursday 3.15- 3.45, Year 1 Spanish is 12:30-1:00 on a Wednesday, Year 2 Spanish 12:45-1:15.

The cost is £40 for ten weeks.

Contact Information:
Anne Cockburn
01252 624 753

Staff Run Clubs

We also run a number of lunch time and after school clubs. These vary from term to term but have included: Cookery, IPAD, recorder, tennis, reading and lego.

This term we will have:

On a Monday:

LEGO                                               12:00-1:00PM Mrs Tottem and Mrs Barnes  

BOARD GAMES - YEAR 1          12:00-12:30PM

Mrs Dalton


BOARD GAMES YEAR 2      12:45-1:15PM

Mrs Raitt

  HAMMA BEADS                        12:15-12:30PM
            Mrs Raggett



On a Tuesday:

DRAWING                                               12:15-12:45PM

Miss Premier


SEWING                                               12:45-1:15PM

Mrs Morris and Mrs Fairclough

  RECORDER                                                  3:05-3:45PM

On a Wednesday:

STORY CLUB: YEAR 2                                            12:15-12:45PM
Miss Vass

On a Thursday:

COOKING                                   3:15-4:15PM


Mrs Butcher, Miss Pal and Miss Morris


PUZZLE                                     12:30-1:00PM


Miss Kenny


ART                                       12:30-1:00PM

Mrs Taylor


Military Mates Club

At Tweseldown Infant School we work alongside parents who are members of HM Forces to welcome and support families and children to the school.

Ms Cutting, our Home School Link Worker, is the designated member of staff who works as liaison and support for Service families. She is to be found in the playground at the beginning of school every Monday and Tuesday to chat and be kept up to date with all parents and children and can be contacted via the school on 01252 628843 if a private meeting needs to be arranged.

Ms Cutting runs a club, Military Mates, exclusively for pupils whose parent or parents are members of HM Forces. It is not compulsory for pupils to attend and is available as a drop-in club as and when pupils wish to attend. Some children attend every week.

We meet once a week. On the wall is a world map with drawings of Mums or Dads who are serving, photographs of places where parents may serve abroad and clocks showing times in different parts of the world, e.g., Afghanistan.

Children can come to the club for a chat or take part in a variety of activities some of which are listed below:-


•Read blueys from those parents who are away

•Write blueys to parents who are on deployment

•Find out where in the world their parent/s are

•Count down on the big calendar to a homecoming

•Play games like snakes and ladders, Army Top Trumps, Uno and card games like Snap and Happy Families

•Look after each other

You will also receive an invitation to join us at The Wednesday Club, where children can attend for breakfast before school, with the parent or carer who isn’t deployed.