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Attendance 95.58%


1st half Summer Term 2016

Good attendance and punctuality at school are essential for children's learning. Please call the office before 10am if your child is ill explaining what the illness is.

Children should be kept off for 48 hours after the last bout of sickness or diarrhoea.

Leave of absence

At Tweseldown Infant School, we take the issue of attendance very seriously. We expect every child’s level of attendance to be at least 95%. We also expect children to arrive in the classroom before the register is taken at 8.45am. Families with persistent lateness and/or absence will be referred to the the Local Authority which includes the Legal Intervention Team.

Why is regular attendance important?

There is a vast amount of evidence to show that children who have below average attendance are at a severe disadvantage. Having a good education will help to give your child the best possible start in life. Every lesson in school matters and if your child is often absent it will result in gaps in their learning. This may interrupt the continuity of their education and impede their progress. If your child does not attend school regularly they will miss out on other aspects of school life. They may find it difficult to form friendship groups and may miss out on social events. They may miss letters home or information which needs a response. This can affect their ability to feel part of the school community.

If there are exceptional circumstances you must apply for a leave of absence by completing a form available from the office. However authorised absences are not automatically granted.

Once you have registered your child at a school it is your responsibility to make sure that he/she attends regularly and non-attendance might result in penalties for non-attendance. Please view http://documents.hants.gov.uk/childrens-services/HIAS/InformationonPenaltyNoticesfornon-attendanceatschool-advicetoparentsandcarersleaflet-Nov2015revised.pdf

In addition to this we expect medical and dentist appointments to be made for after school or during the holidays whenever possible.

We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


Pupil Premium & Sports

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium


PE Action Plan 2017/2018

Since April 2014 schools are held acountable on how they spend their sports funding money.  The action plan below shows how Tweseldown Infant School will/has spend/spent its Sports Funding money this academic year and the impact this will have/has had on attainment and sport participation.

Tweseldown Infant School received £19,390

PE funding  used for:

Budgeted Allocation

Brief Summary of the rationale

Up skilling 2 class teachers with PESS course (Provider of PE and School Sport) qualification


Ensuring staff have the qualification to support the delivery of PE throughout the school to fully engage and educate children and disseminate to other members of staff.

Gymnastic course for class teachers


Ensuring all class teachers have a sound understanding of the delivery of gymnastic activities throughout primary education.

Play leader salary


Ensuring development of social interaction skills and self-esteem to support children who find independent time difficult.

Resources for play leader


To enhance social interaction skills at playtimes and lunchtimes

Extra-curricular clubs


Clubs accessible to all children.

Gross Motor Development


Development of Gross motor provision for Early Years

Playground and field Markings plus additional hard surfacing in EYFS and KS1


Remark existing playgrounds with additional markings .To impact PE organisation , provide infra- structure to promote further physical activity at playtime





Pupil Premium & Sports


Koosa Kids is our provider for before and after school care ensuring we have wrap around care from 8am - 6pm. Please contact Koosa for more information.

Click here to go to the Koosa Kids website!


School Hours

School Hours

8.35am we open our classroom doors to welcome in the children.

8.45am we close our doors. Any children who arrive after this time will have to sign in at the office.


Reception Year 1 Year 2
11.40-12.40 12.00-1.00 12.15-1.15

3.05pm Hometime

School Hours

Cool Milk

School milk scheme

Our school provides a milk scheme that is available to all of our pupils and we would like to invite you to register your child. School milk is free for all under-fives and is subsidised for pupils aged five or older at 22p per day.

Each pupil that registers with Cool Milk will receive a 189ml portion of semi-skimmed milk everyday, which is delivered fresh and chilled to the classroom. Their school milk will not only provide them with essential nutrients, but as it is rehydrating and energy boosting it also bridges the gap between breakfast and lunch to help children stay focused.

Find out what the top ten reasons are for drinking school milk at www.coolmilk.com/why-milk-is-great/

How to register

Milk is completely free for all children aged under five and is subsidised for children aged five or older. Simply register at www.coolmilk.com or complete a registration form available from our school.

My child is under five

Just register your child online at www.coolmilk.com or by completing a registration form from the school.

Once received and registered, free milk will continue until the Friday before your child’s fifth birthday. You will receive a payment request three weeks before this time- if you wish your child to continue to receive school milk simply make a payment.

My child is five or older

Complete a registration form or register online at www.coolmilk.com as soon as possible. When completing on line you are then able to make an immediate payment for your child. Alternatively, you will receive a payment request within 48 hours after registering.

You can pay Cool Milk either online, over the phone, at a local PayPoint or by cheque in half-termly, termly or annual instalments.

Please pay by Tuesday 5pm for your child’s milk to start the following week.

Free milk for children aged five or over If your child is five or over and you are in receipt of benefits (see attached flyer), your child may be eligible for free school milk. Please complete the slip below so we can check your eligibility.

If you have any questions regarding school milk, please visit www.coolmilk.com or contact Cool Milk directly on 0844 854 2913.

Cool milk

School Uniform

The uniform is a Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan, white polo shirt and grey trousers, skirt or pinafore dress. Waterproof clothing and Wellington boots for the wet weather.

We have a shool sweatshirt, cardigan and white polo shirt with our name on as well as an outdoor fleece jacket. Our summer uniform consists of a blue checked dress for girls and grey shorts for boys.

Our uniform is available at www.brendas.co.uk We have a second hand uniform stall run by our PTFA - look out for sale dates on our newsletter - with every item consisting of £1.00. Please ensure everything is named.

School Uniform

School Meals

Lunchtime is 11:40-12:40pm for Year R, 12:00 - 1:00pm for Year 1 and 12:15 - 1:15pm for Year 2

Our county caterers provide a balanced meal which meets government standards. Cooked lunches are prepared in our kitchen and meals are free for all infant age children.

Alternatively children may bring a packed lunch to school. It is preferable that you save sweets, chocolate and nuts for after school.

Please provide a named lunch box and unbreakable drink container.

You can view the school menu here

School Meals


SEN Information Report

Children with Special Educational Needs (SEN)

From time to time many children will need special help to overcome a learning difficulty. Our Inclusion Leader ensures that a programme of support is in place for these children to meet their individual needs. Children have their own ‘Individual Education Plan ‘(IEP) drawn up by the class teacher in liaison with the Inclusion Leader, parents, teaching assistants and the children. The IEP is carefully implemented, monitored and progress reviewed on a regular basis, in line with the Code of Practice for SEN. Additional help is available when appropriate from Educational Psychologists and other outside support agencies including Speech and Language Therapy. Further information is available in school including leaflets on Parent Partnership which works to support parents of children with special needs, and our Parent Support Advisor. If you are concerned about your child's progress, please make an appointment to see your child's teacher at the earliest opportunity.

Gifted and Talented children

We recognise that there are children within our school who are gifted and talented. Gifted describes those children with exceptional ability at a level significantly ahead of their year group whilst talented learners are those who have skills in music, PE, and the creative and performing arts. We aim to provide teaching which makes learning challenging, engaging and enables our pupils to reach their potential. The Class teachers plan to meet the needs of all the children in their class through differentiated work, and ensure that for those able and gifted learners the curriculum fully extends their abilities. Children who are identified as having particular abilities, talents, or skills are given the opportunity to develop these as they progress through the school.


Helping in School

Twesledown we cannot stress how much we value parent support at school.

Everybody can play a part in their child’s education. Maybe you are a working parent who devotes time to hear your child read and do their homework. Maybe you are a parent who is looking to become more involved in the life of the school. We now have a PTFA (Parent, Teacher, Friends Association) or maybe a Parent Governor. Or maybe you can spare some time to come into school to hear children read, change library books, help with gardening club, play a game with a group of children.

Whatever support and whenever during the week, do speak to a member of staff. We even have one day every half term when we invite the men of our community into school ‘Bring A Man To School Day’ and again any talents you may have please highlight these to class teachers or maybe you would just like to come in on a day when there will be other men in school (a bit of solidarity) and encourage some children to paint. We also have a day a year for MAGs (Mums, Aunties & Grannies) to come and help.

What ever time you have available we can help you fill it at Tweseldown!

If you have kindly offered to volunteer in school please View details »

Help In School


Please click here too view health information



At Tweseldown we value the relationships we have with the parents from our forces families. We hold regular coffee afternoons with the parents for an informal chat and the opportunity to get to know new people.

When a member of the family is deployed overseas we support the children by giving them a treasure chest. The treasure chest contains a little teddy for the parent to take away and a big teddy for the child.

We also encourage the children to make a special book about the person who is deployed. We also have members of staff called ELSA’s that are trained to support children during these times.


Please look at our map of where parents are posted and our teddy's whereabouts View details »