Welcome to Deer Class

Welcome to Deer Class


Miss Petty hopes you enjoy seeing what we have been learning!

In Deer Class we promise to:
 Always listen

Always share
Use quiet voices

Play nicely
Tidy up
Have kind hands, feet and mouths
Look after our school, friends and our work
Be kind caring friends
Always put our hands up
Say sorry.


This half term we are reading the story 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers. We will be exploring the story of the little boy and the penguin by becoming the characters, finding out facts about penguins and even creating our own glossary to help us know what the tricky words mean. We have started this half term off by exploring what we know about numbers and building our place value knowledge. We have been challenging ourselves and ordered numbers of sequence, e.g. 12, 17, 19.


We are excited to explore painting in art (keep an eye out for our fantastic piece), listening and responding in music and gymnastics in PE.

Attendance 96%

Summer Term 2017


Georgia Petty

Class Teacher

Kerri Cashman

Special Needs Assistant