Welcome to Deer Class

Welcome to Deer Class

Miss Petty hopes you enjoy seeing what we have been learning!

In Deer Class we promise to:

Always listen

Always share

Use quiet voices

Play nicely

Tidy up

Have kind hands, feet and mouths


Look after our school, friends and our work

Be kind caring friends

Always put our hands up

Say sorry

Miss Petty and Mrs Bradly hope you enjoy seeing what we have been learning!

We have had an exciting first term settling into Year 1 and having lots of fun learning together.

In the spring term we will be exploring the world of toys!

We will be learning about toys through living memory by looking at toys from the past and present, plotting out a range of toys on a timeline and asking questions about toys from the past.

In our writing we will be reading the story ‘Lost in the Toy Museum’ and following the journey of Bunting!

We will be learning to tell the time focusing on o’clock and half-past.  See if you can tell your grown up the time while at home!







Attendance 96%

Summer Term 2017


Georgia Petty

Class Teacher

Kerri Cashman

Special Needs Assistant