Welcome to Deer Class

Welcome to Deer Class!

Miss Petty and Miss Lincoln hope you enjoy seeing what we have been learning!

In Deer Class we promise to:
Use a quiet voice in class and in the hall
Tidy up
Have kind hands, feet and mouths
Look after our school, friends and our work
Be kind caring friends
Always put our hands up

This half term we have been exploring the world of wonderland, we have been reading Alice in Wonderland and have been looking at the different characters and thinking about how we can describe them.  We decided that Alice had 'fluffy golden hair' and a 'shiny blue dress'.  We will be creating our own Alice in Wonderland stories and deciding where our Alice lands and what she sees on her way down the rabbit hole. 

In Maths we have been learning to give and follow directions such as take a quarter, half and three quarter turn!  We hae also been using our mathematical knowlede to help us solve problems!

Attendance 96%

Spring Term 2017


Georgia Petty

Class Teacher

Suzi Lincoln

Learning Support Assistant