Welcome to Deer Class

Welcome to Deer Class

Miss Petty hopes you enjoy seeing what we have been learning!

In Deer Class we promise to:

Always listen

Always share

Use quiet voices

Play nicely

Tidy up

Have kind hands, feet and mouths


Look after our school, friends and our work

Be kind caring friends

Always put our hands up

Say sorry

Miss Petty and Mrs Bradly hope you enjoy seeing what we have been learning!

During Summer 1 we have been learning about Animals.  We started the half term by going on an exciting trip to visit Alice Holt where we explored where animals live and what they need to survivie.  Back at school we looked at what animals are called, which group they belong to e.g reptile/mammal etc....we then visited the local vets to learn about looking after our anumals.  We even got to see an animal skeleton through an X-ray.

We were delivered the exciting book 'The Gruffalo' to support our writing and were set the challenge of creating a leaflet on the Gruffalo woods and a fact file on one of the animals from the story!

We've been busy working on our mathematical skills by learning how to give and use directional language.  We also learnt to tell the time by looking at O'clock and half past the hour.  Did you know we have lunch and 12 O'clock and assembly at half past 2.

We're very excited about moving into our summer 2 term where we will be getting ready to move to year 2!  Come back and see what we get up to next.







Attendance 94%

Spring Term 2018


Georgia Petty

Class Teacher