Welcome to Otter Class

During our last half term in year one we have been looking at the story of Alice In Wonderland.  During our English lessons we wrote our own fantasy story using all the things we have learnt over the past year; such as adjectives, conjunctions and lots of different suffixes.  We also wrote our own set of instructions on how to make some different sandwiches.  We had to remember to use our boosy words (imperative verbs) so people would know what to do.

In our DT lessons this half term we also looked at instructions.  After taste testing lots of different flavours of fruit juices, we designed our own tropical drink and then wrote some instructions on how to make it.

We used all our instructions to make our different sandwiches and drinks so that we could have our own Mad Hatters Tea Party with some of the children from Reception.  We got to wear our Mad Hatters Hats for the tea party too!

We have had an amazing year in Otter class and have learnt lots of new things.  We are all excited to continue our journey into year two and make lots of new friends.  Miss Hall wishes you all the best, and she has loved teaching you this year.

Attendance 97%

Spring Term 2018


Lauren Hall

Class Teacher