Welcome to Owl Class

Welcome to Owl Class!

Owls have made their own class rules.

Owls will present their work neatly.
Owls will put their hand up when they need help.
Owls will keep themselves and others safe.
Owls will look after their classroom and their school.
Owls will have kind hands, feet and mouths.
Owls will have fun!

This half term our topic is called 'Shipwrecked'!  We are learning all about seaside holidays in the past and how they are different from visiting the seaside today.  We had Farnham Museum come into our classroom and share some of their artefacts from the Victorian seaside with us.  We even had a Punch and Judy show, which was very funny!  In English we are writing about a pirate who was afraid of the sea.  In our stories we are trying to convince the pirate that the sea is amazing.


Attendance 97%

Spring Term 2017


Michelle Vass

Class Teacher

Nikki Tilley

Learning Support Assistant