Welcome to Rabbit Class

Welcome to Rabbit Class

This half term we are learning about animals. We have had the exciting arrival of the chick eggs. The children have had great fun learning about the life cycle of a chicken and writing a chick diary. We are now all writing as a whole class to prepare the children for the transition to Year 1. They have all loved having the chicks in our class and being able to hold them. A great sense of awe and wonder in Rabbit class.

Later this half term we will also be learning about mini beasts and will have the arrival of caterpillars to look forward to. We will be focusing on the story of the Hungry Caterpillar and planning bug huts.

In Maths, We have been recapping on doubling and positional language e.g. first, second and third. We have been revising counting in 2s,5s and 10s, subtracting and adding.

Finally we will be learning about farm animals and we are already extremely excited about our day trip to the farm. The children will have to think of questions to ask whilst at the farm and write a recount about this trip.

A fun few weeks ahead.

Attendance 97%

Summer Term 2017


Zara Smith

Class Teacher

Louise Williams

Early Years Assistant

Monika Moore

Special Needs Assistant