Welcome to Robin Class

Welcome to Robin Class

We have been very busy so far this half term with our new topic ' Shipwrecked'.

In English we have been filling in pirate speech bubbles with  different types of sentences, commands and exclamations. We have been describing how pirates look and their personalities in preparation for writing our own stories called 'The Pirate Who Was Afraid of the Sea'.

In Maths we have been practising addition, subtraction and multiplication. We have also been using our maths skills to solve pirate related word problems.

We have had a visit from Farnham Museum, and learnt all about seaside holidays in the Victorian times.  Some of us got to dress up, we looked at very old photos and we even got to put on a Punch and Judy show!




Attendance 97%

Spring Term 2017


Laura Raitt

Class Teacher and SENCO

Lianne Munday

Learning Support Assistant